Project Alumni

Thomas Dayzie '22
Research Fellow
Navajo Nation
English, Humanistic Studies, Near Eastern Studies

Thomas Dayzie, Navajo Nation member, Bilagáana born for Tódich'ii'nii, has roots in San Diego, CA and Kayenta, AZ. He is an English concentrator at Princeton, pursuing certificates in Humanisitic Studies, Creative Writing, and Hebrew. Thomas is looking into invocations of Nuclear topics in literature pertaining to indigenous populations,…

Brooke Kennedy '23
Research Fellow
Walpole Island First Nation (Ojibwe)

Brooke Kennedy is Ojibwe and a tribal member of Walpole Island First Nation. She is from Birmingham, Michigan, and is a junior at Princeton University. Brooke is planning on earning an undergraduate degree in anthropology, specifically focussing on medical aspects within her field of…

Katherine Mumm
Research Fellow (Former)
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Software Development
Hunter Worth '22
Research Fellow
Native Hawaiian (Kanaka Maoli)

Hunter Worth is a Native Hawaiian from Maui, Hawai'i. He is a junior at Princeton University majoring in Neuroscience. In Nuclear Princeton, he serves as a connection to the Pacific and is interested in how nuclear energy and bombing has affected pacific populations.

Alongside his academics, Hunter serves the Princeton…