Tribal Nations and Communities

Navajo Nation


The Navajo Nation has faced, and continues to face, ongoing nuclear and extractive development assaults on their lands, bodies, and communities. Uranium mining for the Manhattan Project and Atomic Energy Program has left Navajo lands and waters contminated with radioactivity. Non-Indian-owned mining companies exploited Navajo labor, installed Navajos in the least protected and lowest-...

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Western Shoshone

The Western Shoshone tribal nation has faced numerous ongoing assaults against their lands and bodies. Unceded Western Shoshone lands, Newe Sogobia, encompasses 60 million acres spanning from from the Mojave desert in California all the way to southern Idaho through eastern Nevada [1]. The 1840s California gold rush brought large numbers of settlers to Newe Sogobia. Settlers brought violence, federal troops,...

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