Freshman Seminar Projects Spring 2022

Portraits of Nuclear Scientists

By: Alan Plotz, Aaron Serianni, and Michael Tsai


The goal of this project was to document current nuclear and nuclear-adjacent research occurring at Princeton. While the Nuclear Princeton project has records of Princeton’s previous involvements with nuclear research on…

The Intersection of Land, Indigenous peoples, and Nuclear Power: Through the Lens of two Princeton Affiliated Interviewees [Dr. William Happer and Jessica Lambert]

By Angie Allen, Ella Weber, and Christine Shin

Special Thanks to Professor Ryo Morimoto, Jessica Lambert, and Dr. William Happer


When each of us signed up for spring courses during our freshman year at Princeton, we had…

From Princeton to Hiroshima: Following in the Footsteps of the Deline

By CC Song, William Yang, and Paige Sherman 

Context: Throughout the duration of this course, we realized that there was a burned bridge between the institutions of Hiroshima and Princeton University. This was largely due to Princeton’s involvement in World War II and nuclear…

An Interview with Zia Mian

Zia Mian is a physicist who has been at Princeton School of Public and International Affairs since 1997. Throughout his career, Dr. Mian has achieved many accomplishments and titles including, but not…