Mission Statement

For many reasons, nuclear science, technology, and engineering (STE) are not easily accessible to many groups of people. It can be extremely difficult to interpret or even find the right place to obtain information. This website aims to break down some of these barriers to engaging with STE. It also strives to provide a platform for challenging historical narratives of STE, which tend to silence and invalidate the experiences of adversely impacted communities. Often, the negative impacts of nuclear science--which often, if not almost always, fall on marginalized and/or Indigenous communities--are problematically justified in the name of, for example, "national sacrifice" or "wartime necessity." This is not just appalling but also deceitful, especially when these negative impacts include death, cancer, and other permanent adverse health impacts.

This project focuses attention on Princeton's involvement in nuclear projects and explores the ways underrepresented, particularly Indigenous, communities have been impacted by STE projects. By illuminating Princeton's involvement in such projects and how marginalized communities were impacted, this project hopes to open conversations about the politics of science and the (often buried) concequences of scientific research.