Nuclear Princeton Course

Since the Spring 2022 semester, Professor Ryo Morimoto and the Nuclear Princeton team have offered a course related to the project goals. 

Students play an active role in the course by conducting original research that draws from and contributes to the Nuclear Princeton project. Guided by their academic interests and in collaboration with the undergraduate course assistants, students will:

  1. Identify and engage with the university’s digital and physical archival materials;
  2. Explore university buildings and research facilities, interact with the faculty, staff, and community members, and;
  3. Produce digital content for the Nuclear Princeton website to be presented in a public showcase at the end of the semester.

Throughout, students will become acquainted with and apply a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods, including oral history, archival research, ethnography, and cutting-edge Digital Humanities visualization tools.

We invite you to explore and engage with all of these exciting projects linked below!