Shelter Space Open to All; Faculty Convictions Vary

This article, from the February 13, 1962 issue of the Daily Princetonian, discusses questions about who Princeton nuclear fallout shelters should be available for. Some argued that the shelters should only be for Princeton students and faculty while others call for them to be open to the surrounding community. Princeton President Goheen’s Fallout Shelter Committee has called for all shelter spaces to be available to anyone on a first-come-first-served basis. Others, such as Arthur Mendel, chairman of the Music Department, oppose the construction of fallout shelters altogether. Mendel argues that the construction of fallout shelters make a nuclear war more likely because they entertain the possibility of surviving a nuclear attack.

John M. Jones “Shelter Space Open To All; Faculty Convictions Vary” Daily Princetonian 86(9): 1, 3 (1962)