The Princeton-Pennsylvania Accelerator

In this article by Milton White discusses the history, construction, and early research on the Princeton-Pennsylvania Accelerator. This 3 billion electron volt proton synchrotron had a pulse rate a hundred times greater than that usually used at 19 cycles per second. It was constructed jointly with Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania under a contract with the Atomic Energy Commission. The design was based off a proposal from Princeton physicists Frank Shoemaker, Gerard O’Neill, and Milton White. The synchrotron was ready for use in June 1962. White goes through some of the challenges they faced in getting the synchrotron fully functional and ready for research. It also discusses the physics behind how the synchrotron functions and the type of research that can be conducted with this machine. This article includes several photographs of the synchrotron.

Milton White “The Princeton-Pennsylvania Accelerator” Physics Today 17, 8, 26 (1964);