Princeton Graduate Student Designs a Nuclear Fallout Shelter

A Princeton Architecture graduate student, Marc Hacker, designed a massive fallout shelter for his master’s thesis. The shelter was designed for the residents of Coyote Springs, NV - 50 miles from Las Vegas. The US government planned to construct a huge MX missile complex in Coyote Springs, which would likely be a target in a nuclear war. In designing the base, the government made no provisions for local residents in the case of a nuclear bomb.

The shelter is a massive 3 miles long and one quarter mile wide and can house 30,000 people. It would be dug 300 to 500 feet below the town of Coyote Springs. The shelter itself would be composed of tiny apartments linked by electronic trolley cars. Large meeting halls would serve as hospitals and libraries and would also be used to store dried food. 

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“An underground city, to be used as a fallout…” United Press International (1982)