Henry DeWolf Smyth (1898-1986)

Professor of Physics, Princeton University
Manhattan Project


Henry De Wolf Smyth was a professor of Physics at Princeton University. Smyth began working on the Manhattan Project in early 1941 and was widely involved, contributing to various theoretical and practical questions and challenges. During World War II, Smyth served as a member of the National Defense Research Committee’s Uranium Section. Smyth authored the official public report on the atomic bomb, “Atomic Energy for Military Purposes,” also known as the “Smyth Report.” In 1944 Smyth was appointed to the Postwar Policy committee for government policy governing postwar research and development of atomic energy. Smyth also served as a U.S. Representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and as a commissioner on the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. His papers are stored at Princeton University.

For more information about Smyth, visit: https://www.atomicheritage.org/profile/henry-dewolf-smyth and Henry DeWolf Smyth Papers, American Philosophical Society.