Titration to Screen at Garifuna International Indigenous Film Festival

Oct. 1, 2022

Titration has been selected to screen at Garifuna International Indigenous Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA! From their website:

"The GIIFF was founded in 2012 with a mission to preserve the values and aspirations of all indigenous people and Garifuna cultures. Founded by Freda Sideroff an indigene of the Garifuna, the GIFF’s mission is to specifically support the preservation of all indigenous cultures in the world through art and film.

An annual event where leaders and members of the community are recognized for their contributions to the betterment and elevation of the dignity of humanity, GIIFF showcases a variety of films and documentaries created by Garifuna filmmakers as well as by many other indigenous people including feature films & short films as well as panel discussions, workshops and cultural presentations. It is equally an annual venue that reconciles, entertains and portrays the very diverse and brilliant cultures to participants of the festival.

At a time when Western civilization is struggling with global problems, the GIIFF showcases important lessons to be learned from indigenous cultures such as interconnectedness, wisdom of our elders, sustainable living and how to live in harmony with nature."