Missing Fallout Shelters

This letter to the Chairman from Ronald Mann ‘76 in the January 12, 1973 issue of the Daily Princetonian questions the University's disaster procedures in the case of a nuclear attack. He states that on every dormitory door is the sign with the message: "Fallout may take one half hour or more to drift to Princeton from Philadelphia or New York. Gather supplies and proceed to the nearest shelter." However, when Mann contacted the Division of Fire Safety (DFS) to locate the nearest shelter, they were unaware of both the shelter’s location and the signs posted on the doors. Mann fears for his safety and calls for the fallout shelters to be located.

Ronald Mann, “Missing Fallout Shelters,” Daily Princetonian 96(142): 2 (1973) https://theprince.princeton.edu/princetonperiodicals/?a=d&d=Princetonian19730112-01.2.18&srpos=1&e=-------en-20--1--txt-txIN-Missing+Fallout+Shelters------