45 Buildings Are Designated And Stocked as Fallout Shelters

This article in the October 2, 1963 issue of The Princeton Herald describes the announcement by Captain Geoffrey Sage, Princeton civil defense and disaster control director, of the completion of 45 nuclear fallout shelters across the Princeton Campus and into the larger Princeton community. They are stocked with federally-funded survival supplies such as food, water and sanitation, medical and radiological kits. The buildings are all and marked as fallout shelters. 

Captain Sage issued the following statement to justify the creation of these shelters: "While the Test-Ban Treaty may eventually lead to further restriction on the use of nuclear weapons, it is still necessary to take all steps to safeguard our community from the hazards of radioactive fallout should this nation be attacked.” 

The article includes the specific buildings that were chosen as fallout shelters and provides an explanation of how these specific buildings were selected as suitable nuclear fallout shelters.

The entire article can be accessed at: https://theprince.princeton.edu/princetonperiodicals/?a=d&d=princetonherald19631002.2.12&srpos=4&e=-------en-20--1--txt-txIN-45+buildings------ 

“45 Buildings Are Designated And Stocked as Fallout Shelters” The Princeton Herald 40(99): 1 (1963) https://theprince.princeton.edu/princetonperiodicals/?a=d&d=princetonherald19631002.2.12&srpos=4&e=-------en-20--1--txt-txIN-45+buildings------